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The Ghost that Hunts New Developers

The Ghost that Hunts New Developers

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Deng Beny

Published on Nov 26, 2020

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"I'm not ready to do it yet, or I still have more to learn, then I will start it."

I bet one of these sentences echoes in your mind whenever you want to build a project. Because of it you end up not starting thinking that your current skill is not good enough, or is not to that level.

It's right that you have a lot to learn, but it's also farthest from the truth. You don't need a vast knowledge in a particular technology to build projects in it. What you have to know is the core basics of technology.

When you start building your first, second and third, your skills will build up with each project. To be good with technology, you have to give a lot of time for practice. And what the best way than building a project that utilises most of its core features.

It was a paradox to me when I started programming. I use to doubt myself with questions such as "What feature to use if I don't know the technology well enough?" or "How can I know is the right way of solving this problem?". These questions won't fade in the background of your mind. they will keep popping up whether you're an expert or a beginner. It has nothing to do with a particular technology you're learning, but with the way we think as humans. We are doubtful by nature, everything we do we question it and worry about trivial details that hold us back.

The skill won't build up by its own and become enough. It's you who will build it up by deliberate practice, learning and building projects.

Take away

  • Learn the core basics.
  • Practice, Practice and Practice.
  • It's alright to know little.
  • Build a lot of projects as much as you can.